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Nissan Consult-II ECU reverse-engineering & reflashing[edit]

Notes and resources concerning Nissan / Infiniti ECUs. The focus is those units based on Renesas SuperH microcontrollers (typically SH7055 or SH7058). These seem to be used in vehicles from approx MY01-MY10.


Reflashing those ECUs safely and reliably, without needing to open the (sealed) case. This means through the OBD2 K line, or CAN bus. This has been done; typically those who have gone through this RE process have then disappeared or started a business selling their services. Hence, everybody keeps reinventing the wheel, and this is why the Nissan tuning scene is about 15 years behind Subaru ! Hopefully this wiki can help share painstakingly obtained knowledge.

Main external resources[edit]

These are the main places where, as of 2016, work is being done on these ECUs.

Some of the pages on this wiki :[edit]