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Nissan Consult-II ECU reverse-engineering & reflashing[edit]

Notes and resources concerning Nissan / Infiniti ECUs. The focus is those units based on Renesas SuperH microcontrollers (typically SH7055 or SH7058 but also SH7051 and SH7054 on earlier models). These seem to be used in vehicles from approx MY01-MY10.


Reflashing those ECUs safely and reliably, without needing to open the (sealed) case. This means through the OBD2 K line, or CAN bus. This has been done; typically those who have gone through this RE process have then disappeared or started a business selling their services. Hence, everybody keeps reinventing the wheel, and this is why the Nissan tuning scene is about 15 years behind Subaru ! Hopefully this wiki can help share painstakingly obtained knowledge.

Main external resources[edit]

These are the main places where, as of 2016, work is being done on these ECUs.

Some of the pages on this wiki :[edit]